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An inspiring dive into the business life journeys of

8 highly successful

West Australians.


Find out how they achieved mega-success and the principles they implemented

to get there.

The Entrepreneurs

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Lew Beale

Founder and Executive Chairman of Aquatic Leisure Technologies

From the outset, Lew was driven to establish Aquatic Leisure Technologies, as the leading fibreglass swimming pool manufacturing company in the Southern Hemisphere, if not the world. He has traversed the highs and lows. He’s endured the struggles, overcome the fears and the doubts. He is a man  of great integrity; driven to be the best. He has achieved that, but it has been a long, difficult and at times horrendously painful journey. Lew’s story is unique. It is one of courage, determination and unbreakable spirit. He has so much knowledge to impart and his story, like most others in this book, is previously untold. His advice and lessons are powerful, motivating and inspiring.

They started with nothing but a dream and an idea, and against all odds, became the megapreneurs of their fields. The lessons they learned along the way were vital to their success and for the first time, here in this book, they intimately share those lessons. For most of these entrepreneurs, there were no books to guide them; no one to learn from – they had no choice but to learn on the go. Each took risks. They experienced failures, disappointments, and fear but there were great triumphs too and subsequently, the lessons they now share are invaluable tools for people going into business. Their lessons form the basis by which you can plan your own path forward – the things you have to know, the things you have to do, and the things you should never do.


Understanding how these extraordinary eight managed their dreams, ideas and journey is the key to the door, behind which lies the formula for success. Whilst the formula is simple, accepting the concept that "we all hold the key" is, for some, difficult to believe. However, once you read the book you will not only understand why you already hold the key, but you will also discover that if you follow the formula, success will be yours for the taking.

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