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While still at school, Lesa found a book on her father’s bookshelf called "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Once she started reading it, she couldn’t put it down. It inspired her to think about life beyond the schoolyard and sparked a lifelong interest in business and the psychology of business success.

Once her school days were over, she started a career in cartography. At 22, in search of a more exciting life, she joined Ansett Airlines as a flight attendant.

It was in that role that she attended a seminar and heard, for the first time, a motivational speaker. Lesa was in awe and her goal to become a professional speaker was born. 


8 years later, still driven by aspirations of business success she decided to leave the confines of the aircraft cabin and give business for herself a go. Over the next 20 years, she moved between numerous roles and start-up’s - all in search of that elusive business success.


In 2000 she started work in the media – in front of the camera. It was in that role that her dream to speak professionally became, in some small way, a reality. Lesa was invited to MC events. Eventually, she established a television production company where her love of writing and storytelling became a part of everyday life.

At 54, a long-held idea crystallised as she began to write the book she had, for so long, wanted to write.

Four years almost to the day, “Entrepreneur to Megapreneur – Why they did what they did, and how they did it” was finished, printed and ready to launch.

Lesa set out on this book writing journey to discover and share the secrets of business success – what she didn’t expect is that she would learn so much about herself along the way. Not only did she achieve her goal, but finally she understood why business success had always eluded her.

Today, Lesa's words as an author and professional speaker are driven by a desire to see everyone live their dreams – because now she knows it’s possible.

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With my two sons, Alistair and Julius.
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