“If you are not where you want

to be, you are not doing what

you need to do to get there.”

From the age of 16, I read all I could find on how to attain business success and I became driven to achieve it. I never expected that I wouldn’t but as the years rolled by and the success I yearned didn’t eventuate, the doubts crept in. How could I try so hard, do so much and still not succeed? I never understood why. Until 2015.


On the 9th April 2015 John, one of my closest friends, died. His death changed me; it became my tipping point.

6 months after John’s death, I started to write the book I always wanted to write. A book about how very normal people, against all odds, become truly successful.


The first 18 months were torturous – I struggled to overcome the doubts, which made it almost impossible to do what I needed to do - write each day. The following year, I was in Tangs, Singapore, and by chance I found a book. There were some very simple words in that book and when I read them it was as if everything became clear.


Suddenly my focus was unlike anything I’d ever experienced and my determination to finish the book became unrelenting. I was further empowered by the highly successful entrepreneurs I was interviewing for the book.


Four years after I began Entrepreneur to Megapreneur - “Why they did what they did, and how they did it” was published. I had achieved one of the biggest goals I had ever set for myself and in doing so the totally unexpected happened.


From struggling to achieve a goal, to finally realising one, took years of experiencing what I now call, my successful failures. But with that one achievement came more – it was as if the road to success was suddenly clear. 

The question is - what triggered the transition?

“Destinations are important, but only to plan your journey.”

“The formula for success is simple - so simple… most don’t apply it.”

“Change the way you think; it may well change your world.”


Antelope Canyon - Nick Melidonis