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“If you are not where you want

to be, you are not doing what

you need to do to get there.”

An obsession to become hugely successful in business was triggered in Lesa at the age of 16, after reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. So driven in those early years, the attainment of that goal seemed only a matter of time. But as the years rolled on and great success didn’t eventuate, the doubts and disappointment set in.


On the 9th of April 2015 one of Lesa's closest friends author, John Vogel, died. John’s death drove Lesa to reflect on her own life and within 6 months she had started on the book she had always wanted to write. A book about how ordinary people become extraordinarily successful.


The first 12 months was torturous. Lesa struggled to overcome debilitating self-doubt, making it almost impossible to do what she needed to do - write each day.


A few days in Singapore to raise funds for children with brain cancer came with a chance purchase of a book. A book that compelled her to question some deeply embedded beliefs and to change her way of thinking.


At the same time, Lesa was subconsciously being empowered by the entrepreneurs in her book. A decision to turn her focus outward and to implement what she was writing about, unleashed a determination she’d never experienced. When the book was finally finished Lesa acknowledged she had changed as a person. She had achieved a major goal but she realised it was the implementation of the daily actions and habits of the megapreneurs that bought about the greatest change - just as it would for anyone who chooses to do the same. 

Lesa Hinchliffe Frasers Speaker 7.jpg

Four years after I began Entrepreneur to Megapreneur - “Why they did what they did, and how they did it” was published. I had achieved one of the biggest goals I had ever set for myself and in doing so the totally unexpected happened.


From struggling to achieve a goal, to finally realising one, took years of experiencing what I now call, my successful failures. But with that one achievement came more – it was as if the road to success was suddenly clear. 

The question is - what triggered the transition?

“Destinations are important, but only to plan your journey.”

“The formula for success is simple - so simple… most don’t apply it.”

“Change the way you think; it may well change your world.”

Photo of Antelope Canyon - Nick Melidonis

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