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"We all dream. Some continue to dream and some talk about the dream. Unless we decide to live the dream,

a dream is all it will ever be."

-Lesa J Hinchliffe-

Antelope Canyon - Nick Melidonis

Get Ready to live...

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Begin With

The Book

Entrepreneur to Megapreneur charts the journeys of eight inspirational entrepreneurs who started with nothing but a dream, and against all odds, became the Megapreneurs of their fields.

Theirs are stories of courage, uncompromising self-discipline, and relentless determination to not only survive but to become the best.


The men and women in these stories talk candidly about the highs and lows, the pressures, the mistakes, and the lessons subsequently learned along the way. 


Understanding how the truly successful manage their journeys is the key to the door, behind which lies the formula for success. Whilst the formula is simple, believing we all hold the key is, for many of us, a concept difficult to accept. By listening to the advice given by these extraordinary 8 not only will you find the key, but you will soon realise that if you follow the formula, success will be yours for the taking.

Its what happens from now that matters

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Lesa J Hinchliffe

I doubt if there is anyone out there for who life has turned out just the way they expected? Love to hear from you if it has - but no way has it happened for me.


I’ve come to see life as a twisting and turning path that is not always easy to travel but is always, inadvertently, enriched by the many unscheduled stops at unplanned destinations along the way.


No matter what happens on a journey it can be exciting to experience the unexpected. However, to traverse the highs and lows with calm and confidence requires resilience, focus and a whole lot of courage – attributes, I’ve learned, that we all need to live a successful life.


So, who am I? I’m Lesa J Hinchliffe a girl from Perth, Western Australia - the city where I was raised and where I raised my own children. After many unpredictable stops, I have arrived at where I am today; business owner, public speaker and author.


In 2015 I started writing a book, Entrepreneur to Megapreneur and within 18 months, my life had changed; my outlook had changed and the way I manage each day had changed. That change and how it happened was totally unexpected.

Don't wait - Begin

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